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141023 – Death by Thrusters

Warm-up: 3 rounds of 30s Sampsons + 15x each sit-ups, push-ups, and squats + 7x kipping pull-ups.

WOD: Every minute on the minute, do 5 thrusters. Start with 75#. Every five minutes increase the weight by 20#.

I did 15 rounds + 3x thrusters, for a total of 78 reps and a final weight of 135#. I’m a tad disappointed in that.

Mike did 5 rounds. He could not get any reps at 95#.

Deadlift maxes

Warm-up: 3 rounds of 30s Sampsons + 7x kipping pull-ups + 15x each push-ups, sit-ups, and squats.

WOD: 5 rep max of deadlift. I got jiggly with it and tried for a 1 rep max in later rounds, but couldn’t quite get there… I did 275×5, 345×5, 395×1, 425(failed thrice), 195×5.

Mike followed a similar pattern, with lower weight: 135×5, 155×5, 165×5, 185×2, 195×1.

Filthy Fifty

Warm-up: 400m running

WOD: For time -
35 box jumps (16” stool),
35 elevated beginner pull-ups,
35 kettlebell swings 25#,
35 walking lunges,
35 situps,
35 push presses 45#,
35 good mornings,
35 thrusters 45#,
35 burpees,
35 side-to-side jumps over a low hurdle.

My time was 28:35. I wasn’t thrilled with this time, largely because 10 minutes of it was burpees, broken for healthy periods at 2-5-10-15-20-25-30-35. I fully believe that if I wasn’t coming off of an extended break, the burpees would have been closer to 5 minutes, and the 2:30 spent on the thrusters (broken at 15-25-35) would have been unbroken in 1:30. Still, that represents a PR of 6:30 for this WOD.

Mike’s time was 33:31. He was slightly slower than me on most exercises, but he took a big time hit with the thrusters, taking over 8 minutes. Even beating my time with the burpees by a couple of minutes, he still ended up 5 minutes behind.


WOD: 3 rounds of 30s sampsons + 15x each sit-ups, lower-back bridges, bird dogs (15x each side), dirty dogs (15x each side), push-ups, and squats.

WOD: 21-15-9 of 65# thrusters + elevated beginner pullups. My time was 5:31. PR of 3 minutes at this scaling. Next time, I go it Rx.

Thrusters were unbroken and fairly easy. EBPUs were unbroken in round 1, then broken as 5-5-5, then as 4-3-2. I’m happy with the performance. I felt completely exhausted after the WOD – more so than I remember feeling after Fran in the past.

141007 – Weighted Dips

m-up: Amped up the warm-up a bit, to give some focus on lowerback work. 3 rounds of 30s sampsons + 7x kipping pull-ups + 15x each sit-ups, lower-back bridges, bird dogs (15x each side), dirty dogs (15x each side), push-ups, and squats.

WOD: Weighted dips for max weight. First time doing weighted dips, and I’m thrilled… I did:

3x 25#
2x 35#
2x 45#
2x 50#
1x 55#
1x 60#
1x 70#
1x 75#

They didn’t even really start getting hard until the 50# point, so that might be around where I start next time, or else I’ll ramp up weight with much larger steps. 75# was tough, but I got it on the first attempt. I think I could have done 80# or more. Given that I had no failures at all, next time I should try to go for broke and hit 100#.

140926 – 400m, HPS, Pull-ups

Warm-up: 3 rounds of 30s Sampsons + 15x each lower-back bridges, push-ups, squats.

WOD: 3 rounds for time of 400m running + 21x 45# hang power snatch + 12x chest to bar elevated beginner pull-ups.

My time was 16:43. Ran all of round 1, 95% of round 2, and 75% of round 3. All HPS unbroken. Round 1 of C2B ebpu unbroken, round 2 broken in half, round 3 broken as 5-5-2 (only the first set of the final round was c2B.

Mike did the same WOD one week ago. His time was 19:28. Less of the runs were running, HPS were broken a lot, and I have no idea about the EBPUs.

140924 – 400m + SDHP + Burpees

Warm-up: Feeling some tweaks, so I kept the warm-up light; 3 rounds of 30s Sampsons and 15x sit-ups

WOD: 3 rounds for time of 400m running + 21x 75# sumo deadlift high pulls + 12x burpees.

My time was 19:45. About half of that was running (first round was completely run @ 2:25; second was 90% running @ 3 minutes; third round was 60% running @ 4 minutes). The rest of the time was pretty evenly split between SDHPs and burpees. First round of SDHPs was unbroken; others were broken at 12 reps. All. Rounds of burpees were broken in half.

Mike’s time was 20:43, with 65# SDHPs. He ran faster than me in round 1, but was slower everywhere else. All rounds of SDHPs and burpees were broken multiple times.

140922 – OHS + Hanging Leg Raises

Warm-up: 3 rounds of 30s Sampsons + 7x kipping pull-ups + 15x each push-ups, sit-ups, and squats + 400m running

WOD: 21-15-9 of 65# overhead squat + hanging leg raises

My time was 5:24. First round of OHS was unbroken. Second round was broken in half. Third round was broken at 7x as the weight was slipping. First round of leg raises was broken in fourths, second round in half, third round unbroken. Comparable workers at Brandx did this around the 12 minute mark, with a scaling closer to Rx. In future similar WODs, I will stick with my plan to do K2Es, regardless of how dead my arms feel. It’s also probably time to move up in weight on OHS.

Mike’s time was 7:50, doing exactly the same WOD that I did. He took several more breaks.

140921 – Bench

Warm-up: 1.5 mile walk + 7 mile bike ride. Part of the bike ride included a half mile stretch with four speed bumps. As I started on that stretch, a car began to pass me. When they had to slow down for the first speed bump, I passed them. From that point, it was on. I declared it a race, and it was a race that I won, with an average speed of 19mph.

WOD: 2x bench, working up to max. I did 135-205-235-255-265(x1). The 255 tied my previous 1 rep max (but was 2 reps), and the 265 was a 10# PR.

Bits of lots of things

Went of a 2.5 mile bike ride, then a half mile jog, then did 30s Sampsons + 7x kipping pull-ups + 15x push-ups + 15x squats.

After all of that, I intended to do 5 rounds for time of 10x 135# shoulder press + 20x sit-ups. The first round was just over 1:30, and was unexpectedly unbroken. On the first rep of round 2, I tweaked my shoulder which led to calling it a day at that point.


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